Meet Stuart! #WhyNotMePets

Stuart is a sweet and smart dog who loves attention from everyone.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Stuart get adopted.

You can meet him at Seattle Humane in Bellevue. Stuart is 4-years-old.

Shelter staff think he's having a hard time getting adopted because he's deaf.

Whoever is interested in Stuart would need to be willing and ready to have a dog like him.

"They would have to be patient, yes," said Pat Smoll, who is a volunteer at Seattle Humane. "Probably initially. I think over time you get accustomed to the fact that he can't hear and then it becomes routine, but you have to be careful if somebody or stranger comes to the door or if you are walking Stewart outside on a leash to make sure a passerby doesn't say 'oh cute dog' and put a hand down because he will not understand that."

Stuart relies on his sense of smell and that means he can get distracted by his treats.

Volunteers at the shelter have been showing Stuart sign language for different commands.

"What we do is the thumbs up," said Smoll. "So, that's the same thing as the clicker. We taught him the signal for sit and we do the clicker. I always do the come and do the clicker. Trying to teach him down but he doesn't do that real well."

Stuart is also learning how to turn around when someone tugs on his collar, so he won't get startled by someone coming up behind him.

"When he's alone in his kennel, he tends to just sleep a lot and then you have to make sure when you go in to get him, he sees you because he can't hear and you can startle him which is also why you shouldn't have young children," said Smoll.

Stuart is a favorite at the shelter.

He loves to chew on his bed and play with toys.

"He is a very strong dog," said Smoll. "He's young and he's rambunctious, so it would have to be someone who is physically active, who enjoys getting out and taking him for walks. He's definitely not a lap dog by any means."

If you are interested in adopting Stuart, stop by Seattle Humane. You'll have to fill out some forms and do a meet and greet.