Meet Slinky! #WhyNotMePets

KENT -- Slinky is a loving cat who wants all of your attention and is described as very vocal.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Slinky get adopted.

You can meet her at Regional Animal Services of King County in Kent. She's been at the shelter since May, so she is more than ready to find a forever home.

"Slinky is a very fun loving personality," said Tiffany Morin, who is a volunteer at the shelter. "She's a spirited girl. She likes to play and she loves to be petted and have her head rubbed. She really likes to interact with people."

Slinky is 3-years-old. She likes to have an area to jump high or low.

Slinky would do well in calm home with older children.

"If there were other cats in the home, that would be fine as long as the other cat was a mellow cat and as long as she can get some individualized attention and someone who really wants to love and pay attention to her, I think she would do great," said Morin.

Slinky is on a special prescription diet because of some bladder issues in the past.

She hasn't had any problems with her little box after getting on that special diet.

"I think Slinky is having tough time because when people come into the shelter and they see all these different cats and they see one with medical issues, they tend to pass them by and adopt a cat that they think might be easier into their home," said Morin. "Slinky's medical issues have been maintained on a special diet and she's been doing great since she's been here and she really deserves a home. She's such a sweet girl."

Through the month of December, RASKC is offering 50 percent off all pet adoptions.

Slinky is also a part of Pawsitive Alliance's "Home 4 the Pawlidays" campaign.