Meet Ghost! #WhyNotMePets

SEATTLE -- Meet Ghost! Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's "Why Not Me Pets" campaign to help find him a home.

The Seattle Area Feline Rescue said they don't know where Ghost got his name, but they think it fits. He may look spooky, but the rescue promises he's a sweetheart. He use to have a home, but now he's on his own again and ready for a new life.

At 8-years-old, Ghost is in pretty good health. Like many cats, Ghost has a few issues with his kidneys which is really common.

He doesn't seem to mind other cats and as for dogs, the rescue thinks he could do well with them as long as they get the proper introduction.

If you're interested in adopting Ghost, stop by the Seattle Area Feline Rescue or you can email them at