Meet Finna! #WhyNotMePets

AUBURN, Wash. -- Finna gets along with all the people she meets.

She's a sweetheart who is looking for all your attention.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Finna get adopted.

You can meet her at the Auburn Valley Humane Society in Auburn. She's about 7-years-old.

Finna is a happy girl as long as she has her people by her side whether it's on the couch or on a new adventure.

"If she can have more time with people I'm sure she would appreciate that," said Keely Lanaghan, the Special Programs Coordinator at the shelter. "Having separation anxiety even just a little bit of an issue with that. More time that she can spend her family, the better."

Shelter staff think Finna might have a hard time getting adopted because of a medical issue.

"She's had mass cell tumors, so they are just small tumors that can be removed," said Lanaghan. "They are something that any medical thing can really slow a dog down, so we're thinking that's probably got a little bit to do with it. She's also a tiny bit dog selective. She's done okay with some dogs, little bit unhappy with others, didn't really have a major issue but chooses her friends."

Finna absolutely loves attention and will make a great cuddle buddy.

"I haven't seen too many toys with her, but I think people and cuddling is probably her ideal person and her ideal place to be," said Lanaghan.

If you have other dogs or kids at home, be sure to bring them along to the shelter if you are interested in adopting Finna.