Meet Bella! #WhyNotMePets

Bella is a lovely lady who is ready to get outside and explore the world with her forever family.

Q13 is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign to help Bella get adopted.

She's a German Shepherd and about 9-years-old.

You can meet Bella at the PAWS shelter in Lynnwood.

She got to the shelter as a stray and she's been there for about a month.

"When she's out and about, she just wants to do her own thing," said Anya Pamplona who works at the shelter. "An independent dog like shepherds can be, but she definitely likes her attention and when it comes to doggy friends she definitely prefers the more polite, boy dogs. "

Bella is very alert. She likes to investigate all the sights and smells when she's outside, but she would make a great lap dog when she's calm.

"Just knowing her, I don't think she would enjoy lots of loud, busy, crazy households," said Pamplona. "She probably would prefer a household that's a little bit more on her speed, just a little bit calmer."

Bella can be a little distant with people at first. The shelter thinks that's one reason she has not been adopted yet.

"Since she can be a little aloof when she first meets people, they don't always have that instant connection that a lot of people when they are coming to a shelter are looking for when they meet a shelter dog and also just her age," said Pamplona. "You know 9-years-old is fairly old for a dog her size."

If you are interested in adopting Bella, visit PAWS Shelter.