Feline Looking for a Friend! #WhyNotMePets

SEATTLE -- If you're looking for a feline friend, give Akando a chance! He's a scruffy guy that's spent most of his four years on the streets.

Q13 Fox is partnering with Pet Connection Magazine and Pawsitive Alliance's "Why Not Me Pets' Campaign" to help him find his first home.

You might notice in the video, Akando is wearing a cone around his head, he is not hurt, he is just so excited to be inside and clean. Those caring for him at the Seattle Area Feline Rescue, said he started grooming himself a lot, almost too much so they put the cone on so he doesn't make himself itchy. They say it is not a serous problem.

Before being put into the Seattle Area Feline Rescue, Akando was homeless. He was what people call a community cat, which means he wasn't necessarily someone's lost pet, he was just living outside on his own.

Akando has what is called FIV or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. FIV is common in cats that have lived on the street. Experts say it's not as serious as it sounds. It lowers the immune system a bit, but as long as he stays indoors so he can't catch infections, he should have a long happy healthy life. There's no treatment needed for FIV, he just needs to be an indoor cat.

We're told Akando is a sweetheart who loves people. He just needs a family that will be patient with him. They said a whole big house to roam around would be a little scary for him. He just needs to get use to smaller spaces first and develop good litter box habits.

Akando would do great in a home with cat-loving dogs and he'd be fine with kids too. But because of his background on the streets, other cats are a case by case basis.

If you're interested in adopting Akando, you can stop by the Seattle Area Feline Rescue or send an email to adoptions@seattleareafelinerescue.org to set up a meet and greet.

For more information on Pawsitive Alliance's #WhyNotMePets campaign, check out this link.