Back-to-school: How to get your kids organized ahead of time

SEATTLE-- Debbie Rosemont is the founder of Simply Placed, a company of professional business, home and life organizers. She showed us some ideas for keeping the entire family organized as the kids  head back to school: from the right kinds of supplies to keep things neat and tidy; to ideas for keeping an organized study space that works best for each child.

Some of her ideas include a file holder with hanging files to keep at home for papers that you may need later but no longer need in the daily shuffle to-and-from school; pocket dividers that have three-hole-punches and can separate subjects in a notebook but also have a pocket to hold loose, un-punched papers; an index card holder so kids can carry flash cards with them and study at a moment's notice; and a brightly colored two-pocket folder that can hold papers that need to be signed by parents or caregivers on one side, and signed papers to be returned to school on the other. These can be found at any supply store.

There are two key products she recommends that may not be on some of the more generic supply lists. One is a timer that can help keep kids on task, be it for chores or studying. Click HERE to see the one Debbie recommends; she says you can also set the timer on your phone but cautions it can be distracting to have mobile devices out.

Another is an academic planner that can keep the entire family on the same page; soccer practices, band rehearsals, doctors appointments, school projects- keeping everything in one place will keep everyone organized throughout the year. Click HERE to see one she recommends.

To learn more about Debbie Rosemont and Simply Placed, click HERE.