Avoid these Christmas tree fire dangers

SEATTLE - Whether you've already picked out the perfect tree, or are following Clark Griswold into the woods soon (and if you do, remember the bigger ones are "a little full" with "a lot of sap") there are some things local firefighters want you to remember when it comes to keeping your home safe. Yes, you will read some of them and think, for example, "Really? Don't people know not to put candles on their tree?" The answer is, "No. Not all people do." Otherwise, they wouldn't be compelled to include it in this list, which, as you'll see as you scroll down, they had to.

These safety tips come from the folks at the Kent Fire Department Regional Fire Authority, but any added comments are my fault (forgive me, I was eating a salad for lunch as I wrote this,  really getting angry that I didn't bring a giant sandwich and chips instead).

TIP ONE: Picking out that perfect tree and bringing it home. Turns out, there are some things we can do when buying that tree to prep it for a safe tenure in our home. That's right, much like the scholarly professors of college, your tree is on the tenure track to Christmas, and all it had to do was show up in your home.

    TIP TWO: Keeping Mr. Tree (Or Ms. Tree) safe once you're home

      TIP THREE: Disposing of your tree properly  This is important: the folks at the Kent Fire Department say nearly 40% of all indoor tree fires happen in JANUARY. It's extra important to dispose of your tree, period, but to do it in a safe way.

        Please be safe, and as Clark W. Griswold would say, may you and your tree have a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas!