Q13 News partners with Treehouse for 1-day Virtual Supply Drive

Q13 News, Your Education Destination, is partnering with Treehouse to host a one-day virtual supply drive on Wednesday, Sept. 2, to benefit foster children in our area.

We’ve brought viewers stories from around the community showing how COVID-19 continues to affect and shape education in our area. Now, there’s a way to help those who especially need it this time of year!

Going back to school has been challenging for everyone this year, making the demand for resources to support youth in foster care even greater.

Monetary donations will help fill the gaps for over 7,500 youth in foster care across the state by providing school supplies, clothing and technology needed to start the school year right.

A recent Treehouse survey with foster families statewide indicates a high demand for resources needed for distance learning access and enrichment activities

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Treehouse is particularly challenged this year due to adjustments necessitated by the pandemic – for example, their retail store that typically served the needs of foster families has been closed since March and they are not accepting in-person donations.