Q13 Extras Podcast: Seahawks Off the Field

SEATTLE -- We watch them play on TV every week. We watch them score touchdowns and celebrate in the end zone.  Sometimes, we even catch a glimpse of our favorite Seahawk on a local commercial.

But we don't really know who the man under the helmet is. Anchor and Reporter Matt Lorch has made getting to know the Seahawks team his mission.

In Q13's new segment, "Seahawks Off the Field" Lorch gets to know what makes a player tick, their inspiration and their personal stories that lie just under the surface.

This week on Q13 Extras, Lorch gives us an inside look at some of their stories. A reporter at heart, Lorch sometimes talks for ten minutes, other times he gets to talk to a player for 30 to 45 minutes. But because he works in TV, his final pieces only range from two to three minutes.

Lucky for us, we get to hear all the extras that never made the cut!

Take a listen to this week's episode as we dive into D.K. Metcalf, D.J. Fluker, Bradley McDougald and Jadeveon Clowney.