Alyana Gomez

Alyana Gomez


I always had a mic in my hand, even as a kid!

Back then, it was a hairbrush or whatever I could find, but I wanted my voice to be heard. I had my sights set on a career in front of the camera, telling my mom, "I want to be a singer or an actress." I also loved helping people, telling my mom I wanted to be a doctor as well.

My lofty goals as a kid became more clear and focused once I got to college, where I channeled my passion for writing. I studied journalism at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland, where I also landed my first job in local news. There I won my first Associated Press awards for enterprise reporting, spot news and in-depth coverage.

My next stop on this wild journey was Jacksonville, Florida, where I worked as a reporter for Action News Jax. While it was one of the most challenging times in my career, the experience was life-changing. I covered everything from natural disasters to government accountability. I was honored to win my first Emmy award for our coverage of the Jordan Davis trial in Jacksonville.

Florida is where I met my husband, who has been so supportive of my career and has been a willing participant while I chase my dream. Our next stop was in Connecticut, where we had our first child. There I anchored weekend mornings and helped start NBC Responds. It was their Consumer Investigative Unit, working with people who have been wronged and fighting to make things right.

I took those skills with me to San Francisco, California! I anchored weekend evenings and reported during the week, covering the destructive Wine Country fires, the deadly fire in Paradise, homelessness and crime. What I loved most about my time there was my connection to the community. That helped me branch out and do a lot of work with the Golden State Warriors Community Foundation.

Our family got bigger in the Bay Area, with the addition of our baby girl! Life as a hard-working mom with a big career can be tough at times, but every bit of it is rewarding in so many ways. One day my kids will appreciate what I do and I hope that encourages them to make a difference in their community too!

Speaking of … out and about in the community is where you’ll find me most days! When I’m not anchoring the nightly news on FOX 13 News, I’ll be exploring this beautiful city we are lucky to call home!

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