Commentary: The Seahawks biggest playoff opponents are themselves

We now know the Seahawks playoff opponents this week, which, in my mind at least, are...the Seattle Seahawks. Because frankly, the only way they lose is if they beat themselves.

If we’ve learned anything from this season – the highs and lows have stemmed strictly from execution. When presnap penalties and miscues and missed assignments put the offense behind the line of scrimmage and in difficult situations, they struggle. When they avoid boneheaded moves, they succeed. Stay on schedule, stick to their gameplan, and they shouldn’t have a problem against whoever they play.

Obviously, based on their record, that’s easier said than done. But I can’t remember a Seahawks team that’s been this hot and cold, depending on those factors.

I mean, let’s be honest – who had doubts about their chances today, on the road, against a Cardinals team that had won nine straight games and was tops in league on offense? I certainly did – but the Seahawks made those projections look silly, thanks to a killer instinct and intensity, and a perfect execution of their gameplan. The talent is there. The mindset is there. It’s simply a matter of getting it done.

There’s no doubt that every player in that locker room knows they can hang with any team at any time in any venue. Richard Sherman echoed that again today.

“As long as guys keep believing – you think guys have a Super Bowl hangover, you’re fooled. Even our own fans are talking about, you know, maybe the money has gotten to them, or they’re not hungry anymore. That’s even laughable. That’s why you focus on things in the building. Because the guys in the building never lose faith,” Sherman said.

And they’ve proven that all season long – with fourth-quarter leads at Cincinnati and Green Bay, and at home against Carolina. The only ones they have to blame after those losses are themselves.

It wasn’t a talent issue. It wasn’t a mindset issue. It was an execution issue, plain and simple.

So sure, the Seahawks have to focus on stopping key players next week. But their biggest challenge is overcoming their own mistakes.

Their biggest opponent this playoff season comes from within. Don’t beat themselves – and this team will be just fine.