Commentary: Seahawks have gone more than “halfway” – Chancellor should take the deal

We start by taking a closer look at the Kam Chancellor situation, which according to the NFL Network, is being stalled by a difference of $900,000.

Under his current contract, Chancellor is scheduled to make $5.1 million dollars next season, and $6.8 million in 2017. According to the report, Chancellor doesn’t want any new money – but he wants about $4 million moved up, so he’ll make $9 million next year. The Seahawks have offered to move up $3 million and pay him $8.1 million next year, hence the difference of $900K.

If these numbers are correct, here’s my message to the Seahawks: Stand your ground.

My message to Kam Chancellor? Take the deal.

It saddens me that Chancellor has characterized the situation as “petty” and says he’s willing to meet the Seahawks halfway. If I’m not mistaken, the Seahawks have gone more than halfway by offering what is essentially a $3 million raise for next season. If Chancellor wants $4 million more, and the Seahawks have offered $3 million more... they’ve gone three-quarters of the way. They don’t need to go any further.

I understand NFL contracts benefit the team more than the player. And I understand that, aside from guaranteed money, contracts are not fully guaranteed. But Chancellor also signed that contract – and what’s more, the Seahawks are willing to actually negotiate with Chancellor with three years left on his deal, by offering a 63% raise for next season!

For all the talk about the Seahawks setting a bad precedent by not “re-doing” Chancellor’s deal, it seems they’re willing to restructure it to a certain extent. In my opinion, that’s anything but “petty.”

After today’s loss, there’s a number of fans who have begun a #PayKam movement on social media, and it’s understandable as an instant reaction to the Seahawks giving up 34 points. After all, Chancellor’s backup was responsible for allowing the game-tying score. But on principle alone, it’s still no reason for the team to stick their neck out any more than it already has, even if it costs them the season. In my opinion, they’ve gone far enough.

Listen, I’ve always respected Kam Chancellor as a person and a player – and someone who couldn’t be a better role model for the community.

But in Chancellor’s own words: LOB stands for “Love Our Brothers.” If you truly loved them, you wouldn’t leave them stranded over a difference of less than a million dollars.

Accept the deal. And your brothers will happily welcome you home.