Commentary: On the Seahawks, some critics will never learn

We start by putting the spotlight on the Russell Wilson: the Seahawks “overpaid...distracted...unfocused...and terribly unprepared” quarterback who still “can’t throw from the pocket.”

Oh yeah, and their pedestrian receiving core, including that mediocre Doug Baldwin.

And we can't forget about that horribly overrated Richard Sherman, hardly a shutdown corner this season.

Let’s face it, guys: The Seahawks just aren’t the same.


Welcome to the world of Déjà deja deja vu – where all the critics re-hash the same old storylines, only to end up with egg on their faces for the umpteenth time. Or as Sherman said earlier this week: "Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me thrice."

For half a season, we heard the same dialogue with a slightly different twist as Super Bowl runners-up, but the same underlying theme: That the Seahawks can’t, won’t and don’t. That there was no way that the same players who were written off in the past only to surprise us time and time and time again just couldn’t do it one more time. That the Seahawks were officially and undeniably done.

I’m glad the players were listening. I’m glad they heard the roar of turncoats on social media and on the air. I’m glad their antennas were up to the criticism surrounding "money and motivation" and the completely inappropriate slamming of their personal lives as well.

Because this has once again become the reunion tour of “Proving the Haters Wrong,” starring the same faces as before.

Listen, while I’m hopeful for the best, I’m not standing here tonight saying the Seahawks will win the Super Bowl or even make it back again. But I am saying that doubting them at any point along the way is a fruitless venture – because the history tells otherwise. And while the road will be much tougher along a probable Wild Card path, I’m saving any scrutiny until the final bell.

Because the margin for error might be smaller than it’s ever been, but we’re no longer dealing with a core of novices with chips on their shoulders. They’re veterans with a championship pedigree who respond to skepticism with an even greater confidence, motivated by the fact that they’ve been there before.

So jump on board if you like. But even better – let’s be sure to reserve seats for the same cynics, the same doubters, the same definers of insanity that breed negativity, only to witness the same results.

Because the Hawks are in that locker room, shaking their heads... chomping at the bit to continue this momentum, and in turn, silence the next loudmouth critics dumb enough to challenge their resolve.