Commentary: Of all the Seahawks recent playoff berths, this feels like the most rewarding

For the fourth straight year, the Seahawks are a playoff team: A notion that seemed highly questionable less than a month ago.

And I’d argue that, division title or not, this regular season has been the most rewarding of the four.

Every year sees its share of adversity. And overcoming those challenges has been rewarding each year - from clinching a playoff spot with a rookie quarterback in 2012 to somehow battling back from a 3-3 record and the trade of Percy Harvin to win a second straight division title last year.

But consider all the potential roadblocks and distractions this season has presented, and a playoff berth is nothing short of a minor miracle.

To recap: There was the Kam Chancellor holdout. The decimated secondary early on and a new defensive coordinator for the third time in four years. A patchwork offensive line with a first-time starter at center converting from the defensive line. Injuries to Marshawn Lynch that’s kept him out of seven games and counting. A season-ending injury to Jimmy Graham. Another one to Thomas Rawls. All with mounting questions about big money contracts, and a quarterback taking heat from some for dating a pop star and taking modeling pictures on a beach in Mexico during the Bye Week.

Oh, and they just so happened to be coming off arguably the most devastating ending to a Super Bowl in the history of the NFL!

To have weathered that kind of storm – and still make the playoffs? It doesn’t get better than that.

And they’re rewarded with another chance in the postseason – a chance to overcome adversity again, this time with everything on the line.

Every journey is exciting. But this regular season has been the most fulfilling.

An early Christmas gift for us all. Another postseason berth. And with it, a chance at least, to make up for last season’s last minute disappointment.