Commentary: Jeff Bezos interest in Seahawks serves as a reminder of current ownership success under Jody Allen

We start with the Washington Post’s report of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos having expressed interest in buying the Seahawks, which serves as a reminder of something even more relevant to the franchise’s current situation.

Most importantly, the Seahawks are not for sale, nor is there any indication that they will be on the market in the near future. For more than a year since Paul Allen’s passing, the team has continued to thrive under the leadership of Jody Allen, who has overseen monumental moves, including the signing of Pete Carroll to a contract extension last December and the signing of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner to contract extensions this year.

Frankly, it’s far past time that we heap praise on Jody Allen for a job incredibly well done. Last October, the questions were rampant about this franchise’s future, but all we’ve talked about since then have been the most important “S” words: stability and Success.

It doesn’t matter that most of this stuff has gone on behind the scenes – after all, this might be Jody Allen’s only significant public appearance – raising the 12s Flag on the night Paul Allen was inducted into the Ring of Honor. But her engagement as Seahawks chair and her full support of this team, by all accounts, has been nothing short of impressive from the very start.

“She’s got a great love and spirit for the area and the club. It must be in the family – she cares so much," Carroll said after signing his extension last December. “She’s a great follower of the Seahawks and a great fan of the area, so all of that together with the background that she has – it’s really exciting.”

That excitement – and support - has not waned. The latest reminder was Tyler Lockett flying home on Jody Allen’s private jet this week after spending a couple nights at Stanford Hospital for a leg injury. The Seattle Times also reports that she provided her jet to get Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle quickly for a physical to meet a roster deadline when the Hawks traded for him before the season.

Each and every one of these gestures – big and small – not only add up, but reflect her commitment to this team and this city. It’s an extension of the incredible legacy left by Paul Allen, but it’s also a refreshing reminder of the importance of local ownership – one that truly values what this franchise means to the region and this fan base. And one that has more than enough means to support it.

Jeff Bezos might be worth $109 billion. The NFL might want him to join the fraternity of owners. And he might prove to be an incredible owner one day – and if that happens to be Seattle, great.

But hypotheticals right now mean nothing compared to reality. And the reality is: This team is *still* in fantastic hands.