COMMENTARY: I hate Seahawks playoff losses – for a different reason than everyone else

I hate Seahawks playoff losses for a different reason than anyone else: That an entire city – galvanized by a single cause – goes back to normal....just like that.

Of course I’m frustrated the season ended too soon. And yes I’m annoyed about today’s missed opportunity: The slow start, the assignment errors, and everything else that added up to a Seahawks loss. And yes I’m disappointed that the Seahawks won’t have a chance to play in a Super Bowl rematch against the Patriots or Broncos next month.

But I’m most saddened from watching a city that every year shows the world its very best – in the blink of an eye – not having a chance to continue to bond together and celebrate as one.

I know I’m not the only one who gets goosebumps, scouring through videos on social media of incredible civic pride – from the rallies all over Western Washington, to the huge “12” shining bright on the Seattle skyline to the Space Needle proudly glowing blue and lime green. I’m not the only one who notices that people are generally nicer during a Seahawks playoff run, bonded together by a single purpose and a single phrase: “Go Hawks!”

It’s arguably as close as we get to a Utopian society – where class, race, religion, backgrounds, and political affiliations all take a temporary backseat. That’s when Seattle is truly at its best.

And that’s the true power of sports.

But tonight, that rare feeling abruptly ends – and it simply ends too soon. The civic pride becomes temporarily fractured by in-fighting amongst the fan base, everyone with differing opinions over what went wrong. All those good vibes we had at work on Friday are replaced with a sinking feeling as we enter the office tomorrow morning. That overwhelming euphoria stemming from a common cause simply evaporates until the next postseason run.

Now that we’ve experienced a Super Bowl title and a championship that we’ve jumped on the Super Bowl bandwagon for two straight years, THAT'S what I hate the most: The effects of a premature ending.

Seattle was primed for another 3 ½ weeks of displaying its pride. It was ready to give its all.

And it will again someday, I’m sure. But thanks to a Seahawks loss today, it’s gone for now: And I absolutely can’t stand the wait.