Commentary: Headlines about Marshawn Lynch are misguided - and bury the lede

We start with the big headline today regarding Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch: “Lynch has STRONG relationship with a Seahawks coach”

Wait – that’s not the headline you read? That’s unfortunate, because that’s the best news I’ve heard in a really long time!

Scroll through today’s headlines, and here’s what you see instead – “Marshawn Lynch Considering Retirement After This Season.” Basically, it’s a similar headline to what we heard after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl – and a notion that hardly affects the Seahawks in the here and now.

But read the fine print of the story, and you’ll see this: “If Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable gets a head-coaching job, Lynch could follow him wherever he lands. That speaks to the strong relationship they've built.”

Again – THIS should’ve been the headline. That Lynch respects a figure of authority on this team.

After all, the national media has peppered us with headlines about possible discontent within the Seahawks locker room - headlines about Lynch being unhappy with the Hawks or holding bitterness toward Pete Carroll.
Shouldn’t Lynch’s “strong relationship” with a coach be more relevant – and refreshing?

Instead, the “sexy” headline once again getting everyone up in arms – for no reason, in my opinion - is Lynch “considering” retirement after the year is done. Who cares right now? I certainly don’t!

To prove my point – how about some other headlines that are just as irrelevant to this year’s team:

“Doug Baldwin is considering eating pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Richard Sherman is considering taking a vow of silence next season.”

“Russell Okung is considering Running With The Bulls Again This Offseason”

“Aaron Levine is considering ending his commentaries, effective in February.”

Who really cares if any of these are true?

It really has no bearing on this year’s team, which is clearly back on track, and a legitimate contender to defend their Super Bowl title.

So when you’re at the water cooler tomorrow morning, and someone says “Hey, you hear about Marshawn considering retirement?” A sufficient response might be – “I consider a lot of things, including not coming to work today. But I made it. And for now, Marshawn Lynch is STILL a Seattle Seahawk.”