Commentary: Flurry of Mariners moves is incredibly refreshing

But we start with Seattle’s newest “chess master” – and his name is Jerry Dipoto.

For the first time since John Schneider and Pete Carroll took over the Seahawks, have we seen a local front office making move after move after move. The entire Mariners roster, essentially pawns in the new GM’s plan to reshape a team that’s woefully fallen short of expectations. And with the Winter Meetings starting tomorrow, Dipoto – like a chess player - seems to be thinking a number of moves ahead.

Best part is – he’s just getting started – and it’s so incredibly refreshing.

Sure, the results are still to be seen. But we’ve suffered long enough watching the same tired eyes in charge of personnel – and it’s nice that the M’s aren’t only getting a fresh perspective, but a GM who’s not afraid to pull the trigger multiple times in the attempt to structure a more competitive and complete team. Frankly, I don’t know whether guys like Leonis Martin and Nori Aoki are the answer, but I can’t wait to find out.

I mean, how many offseasons have we sat here and twiddled our thumbs? Even when the M’s signed Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz the last two years, we still sat, helplessly waiting for one or two more moves to put the roster over the top.

It’s exciting to have a guy seemingly unafraid to mix it up and do it his way.

After the Bavasi and Zduriencik eras, I’m frankly out of patience. And I know a lot of M’s fans are too. Fair or unfair, Dipoto needs to provide a winner ASAP, and it’s abundantly clear that he didn’t believe the ingredients were there when he arrived.

Is anyone really upset about losing Logan Morrison, Brad Miller or Mark Trumbo?

Comparing sports isn’t always the best thing to do…. But I remember the uproar when the Seahawks parted ways with Matt Hasselbeck or Lofa Tatupu, among others. But that front office made their mark – ultimately for the better. And that’s what I’m hoping Dipoto is doing now.

This holiday season, we don’t need the 12 Days of Christmas. Dipoto’s traded 12 players, acquired nine players from trades, completed six trades, signed four free agents, claimed three players off waivers, and hired one new manager.

Clearly, the newest chess master is making moves.

And hopefully, at the end of it all, his King (Felix) will be the last one standing.