Commentary: Final push in Seawolves championship reflects the greatest feeling in sports

We start with a quote from Pro Football Hall of Famer Russ Grimm that's been adopted by a number of offensive linemen today: “There’s no greater feeling than moving a man from Point A to Point B, against his will."

Whether you understand the sport of rugby or not, that’s exactly what the Seattle Seawolves did today – in the final minute, in the championship match. Take a look.

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What you just witnessed was the definition of teamwork - on the biggest stage in the biggest moment of the season.

When Seattle had one chance to move the ball ten yards to defend their Major League Rugby title – one chance to push the ball over the line – on the road in a hostile environment, against the top-ranked team in the league – that’s exactly what they did.

It’s now the second straight year that the Seawolves have won a championship by beating a team that beat them twice in the regular season: Glendale last year, San Diego today. If a defending champion can be an underdog, they certainly were.

The Seawolves have stared every challenge square in the face, and haven’t backed down. An expanded schedule this season? No problem. More teams in the league? No big deal either. The spotlight of a championship Major League Rugby match on Network TV for the first time in history? Okay, bring it on.

And it’s a reason they continue to capture the attention of some of us folks who’ve never had an interest in the sport until they came around last year. I still don’t profess to know all of the intricacies – or all of the rules – but their consistent effort and enthusiasm is worthy of at least a look from us all.

And in a season that’s had a number of impressive and memorable moments, it’s the final one that will define the entire year. The one where multiple players gave everything they had – where they pulled from every early-morning workout and every late-night practice – and pushed, as one, as a seemingly unstoppable force.

For that effort, the Seattle Seawolves deserve a parade. However big or small, two straight titles are worthy of that recognition. Whether they receive it or not is yet to be seen.

Regardless, we celebrate them tonight. From their vaunted “Seawall” defense to the “Baller,” Brock Staller, to everyone who had an impact in getting them here. From the soldout crowds in Tukwila to the dedicated fans who traveled south to cheer them on, we thank them for their effort, their sacrifice, and the way they continue to represent this city so well.

This afternoon, we watched the Seawolves move men from Point A to Point B against their will. Russ Grimm was right: For this championship team in a championship moment, there was no greater feeling than that.