Yakima's 'Magnificent Millie' learns to skate again at 89 years old

YAKIMA, Wash. -- For decades, roller skating champ "Magnificent Millie" Lewis thought her skating days were over.

But as KAPP-KVEW reports, Lewis is skating again -- at 89 years old -- thanks to her physical therapists who have been helping her recover from a stroke she suffered in August.

Lewis earned her "Magnificent Millie" nickname in 1985 when she won the Northwest Regional Championships and a place in the national tournament for rollerskating dance.

More than 30 years later, her therapists have used a light gait device to hold Lewis' weight, allowing her to skate again almost completely on her own.

Her daughter shared video of "Magnificent Millie" back in action at her rehab center recently, and it's since gone viral, winning the hearts of thousands from across the globe.

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