Yakima County massage therapist's license suspended on allegations of sexual misconduct

A Yakima County massage therapist has been charged with third-degree rape after allegedly "exhibiting a pattern of sexual misconduct against clients," and his license to practice was suspended as a result.

40-year-old Jesus Bautista Rodriguez was charged in March 2022 in connection to an alleged incident in 2021 involving a client, who claimed Rodrigeuz sexually assaulted her during a session. The client told the spa owner, and Rodriguez was fired, according to a statement of charges written by the Department of Health.

Rodriguez "allegedly touched multiple clients in a sexual manner during their massage sessions and failed to obtain consent when removing their clothing or adjusting draping. These allegations constitute an immediate danger and risk of harm to the public and future clients," the document read. 

The documents did not specify where he was employed. 

Since then, four more women have come forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Rodriguez, the DOH wrote. 

The charges and case were brought to the attention of the DOH and the Secretary of Health on Jan. 30, 2023. As a result, Rodriguez's license was suspended. 

Rodriguez has been licensed with the state since 2017. 

He cannot practice as a massage therapist during the suspension. He has 20 days from Jan. 31 to request a hearing to contest the charges.