WSU president says school had $17M deficit last year

SPOKANE, Wash.  — Washington State University operated at a $17 million deficit last year, and President Kirk Schulz is telling departments that overspent to develop plans to repay the money and achieve a balanced budget.

The news came in an email Schulz sent to the WSU community this week.

Schulz says several academic units overspent their budgets by $1 million to $3 million. He says much of the spending was for research, new faculty hires, and the creation of academic infrastructure.

Schulz says none of the money was spent frivolously or recklessly.

The $17 million deficit is in addition to an athletics deficit of about $13 million last year.

Schulz says Washington State University is looking for ways to increase its revenues to reach its goal of a top 25 public research university.