'Wow!' Site names best meme of 2013

Although 'Unflattering Beyonce' and the 'Harlem Shake' ruled the world of memes this year, it was an adorable - if quizzical - little dog who won the internet.

KnowYourMeme.com named 'Doge' number one in its list of the top best memes of 2013.

The 'doge' phenomenon spread across the Internet as people starting adding caption of the ponderous Shiba Inus dog's inner monologues - usually typed in Comic Sans and written in broken English.

The meme took on a life of its own on the internet, inspiring all sorts of photoshopped images and silly GIFs.

KnowYourMeme's top 10 memes of 2013:

    The original 'Harlem Shake' video:

    Reporters interviewing Charles Ramsey - just after three Cleveland, OH women escaped captor Ariel Castro:

    A supercut of Russian dash-cam footage: