Wounded bear that attacked hunters near Port Orchard is found dead

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- After searching for two days, Department of Fish and Wildlife officers on Monday discovered the dead carcass of a black bear that attacked two hunters after they wounded it with arrows.

One of the hunters attacked by the bear described the terrifying experience.

"It just happened so quick and then when I saw it go to my son. First reaction, whoa. It can happen," he said.

The hunter told Q13 FOX he had shot and wounded the bear with an arrow on Saturday evening. But they were unable to track the wounded bear.

After waiting for a few hours, he and his son searched through the dense woods near their home. They spotted the injured bear a short time after midnight early Sunday, and shot it with another arrow. Rather than running, the bear charged the hunters.

The bear jumped on top of the son and began to bite and claw.

"I saw it and the only thing I could do was just jump on it and roll it off him because it was chewing on his leg," the father said.

Fish and Wildlife officers found the bear Monday morning. They say the hunters are lucky to be alive and the bear was likely defending itself.

The hunters will not be charged. Officials say the men had a hunting license and bear tag. Both men were bitten and clawed several times but should make full recoveries.