Would you rather lose $1,000 or gain 20 pounds?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new survey finds more people would rather lose $1,000 than gain 20 lbs.

According to the International Food Information Council Foundations 2013 Food & Health Survey, people prefer losing money to gaining weight.

Many dietitians aren’t surprised in the findings, saying losing weight is hard work that requires dedication. This annual study is designed to gain insight from Americans on food safety, nutrition and other health-related topics. It also delves into how Americans view their own diets, efforts to improve them and exercise.

Many Americans believe it’s possible to have control over diet and exercise, but the numbers show fewer are actually taking that control. When asked to grade their diet, the average grade was a C+.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents say they were trying to lose weight.

The survey found the biggest barrier in weight loss was a lack of willpower. The second barrier was dislike of exercise.