Worker stops man from jumping off Edmonds to Kingston ferry

KINGSTON, Wash. (AP) — A ferry worker and other passengers stopped a distraught man from going over the edge of the boat during a ride from Edmonds to Kingston.

The Kitsap Sun reports that the ferry Walla Walla was about 10 minutes into its trip Saturday when a man began drawing attention by yelling at his girlfriend. When a ferry employee intervened, the man stood up and began yelling at the worker.

Witnesses say the man was yelling that he would jump off the ferry before going back to jail. He then proceeded to go outside and hop the railing.

An employee held on to the man's arm as he dangled off the edge, and two passengers helped haul the man back over the rail.

Washington State Troopers took the man to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton for a mental evaluation.