Woman who survived brutal Marymoor Park attack releases statement about suspect in custody

REDMOND -- The woman who survived a brutal attack by a suspect in Marymoor Park last August released a statement this week after learning that the suspect is in custody.  Detectives said a DNA hit led to his identification.  The prosecutor's office has requested that no further information be released at this time due to the continued investigation. We are not identifying her for her safety.

"First I want to thank the King County Sheriff’s office and the King County Prosecutor’s office for their continued work, diligence and support over the last six months. Many other local police departments, FBI, Crime Stoppers and the media did their part in getting the word out, assisting in the investigation and trying to keep the public safe from this man.

I want to thank my family, friends and community for your continued support.

My focus has been on recovery, protecting the public from this man and on making a strong case for the prosecution. I continue to recover physically and mentally. The public is safe with the man identified and in custody. Now I want to focus on what I can do to ensure he is in prison and off the streets for as long as possible.

I have faith in and support the Prosecutor’s plan and reasons behind not releasing additional information at this time. I hope and ask that the public and media give them the time needed so they can do their part preparing the best possible case.

It is not over yet we still need to put him in prison for a very long time so that he is not able to hurt anyone else ever again."

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REDMOND -- Four months after a Redmond woman was beaten and choked by a stranger while walking her dog on a trail near Marymoor Park, King County detectives are still working to identify the suspect.   Crime Stoppers and an anonymous friend of the woman are offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.  “You’re a victim when it’s happening and then afterwards, you choose how to go forward and I go forward as a survivor,” said ‘Lisa’.  We are protecting her identity for her safety because the suspect is still on the loose.

The attack happened on Friday, August 5th around 7pm.  She describes the suspect as white, with a medium build, in his mid-40’s with VERY blue eyes and a tattoo on one arm.   The attacker hit her in the head and then dragged her into the bushes, dislocating her elbow. “I`m yelling as loud as I can so then instead of pounding my head he started to strangle me to try to shut me up,” said Lisa.

She says he threatened to kill her if she didn’t stop screaming. “There was a point where I started to black out. I couldn`t breathe. I couldn`t scream anymore,” she said. She was able to get two fingers through whatever he was using to choke her and then gave one final scream that was heard by a hero. “As he was walking down, he thought he heard something so that he listened to that voice of I think I hear something and if he wouldn`t have done that. I may not be here today,” said Lisa. The suspect took off into the bushes.  “We`ve been looking for him since the crime happened,” said King County Sgt. Cindi West. The suspect left his shoes behind so she thinks someone may have spotted him walking around without them. “We’re wondering has he done this before. Is he bold enough where he’s going to try it again but we’re really hoping somebody remembers seeing this guy in the area,” said Sgt. West.

Lisa believes he was trying to rape her and will target another woman. “If you know someone who has blue eyes that has mentioned violence against women, assaults against women and can even bear the smallest resemblance to that sketch, why not call in a tip?” asked Lisa. She has a scar on her face from the beating and the bruises around her temple and ear still hurt. She’s worked hard to rehab her elbow and is ahead of schedule on her recovery. “As my therapist would say, she has to tell me what not do to,” she said.  I

If you have any information on the suspect who was wearing a green and brown sleeveless shirt, and unknown color pants or cargo shorts the night of the attack, download the new P3 Tips App and submit the information to Crime Stoppers or call the hot line anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS. “He`s gonna do it again and the next time the woman may not be so lucky, whether she`s raped and survives that or whether she fights back and he ends up killing her,” she said.