Woman who failed to deliver Valentine's Day orders fears for her life; customers claim otherwise

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- What would you do if you didn't get the Valentine's Day treats you paid for?

Ask for your money back? Probably. Kill? Hopefully not.

According to FOX4KC, one Valentine's Day treat maker -- who is well-known by police -- claims she has suffered death threats and was even mugged after not coming through with goods that were promised.

Michelle Thomas insists though she took multiple orders for cards and candy ffor her online business called Candy Cloud, based in the Kansas City area, her PayPal account froze just before Valentine's Day, stopping orders. She couldn't pay customers back, she said, because the account was frozen.

Thomas now fears for her life, she told FOX4KC, and reportedly received multiple death threats on her Facebook page. She even told one upset customer that she was mugged, and in the hospital.

But others aren't buying it.

Christa McLaughlin ordered dozens of handmade treats from Thomas. However, she never received the gifts. McLaughlin told FOX4KC Thomas had multiple excuses as to why she never delivered the goods.

“She was at the police department because someone had jumped her,” McLaughlin said. A few hours later, she was at allegedly the hospital being treated for injuries.

“I asked which hospital she was at because I could go pick up the delivery because my daughter had to have the items,” McLaughlin said.

Thomas never answered. Then Thomas’ company Facebook page disappeared.That’s when McLaughlin knew she had been scammed. She texted Thomas, demanding a full refund. It never came. McLoughlin then filed a theft report with Excelsior Springs Police.

PayPal tells FOX 4 Problem Solvers that customers who paid Thomas using a secure PayPal account should get their money back once PayPal has investigated their complaints.

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