Woman who discovered Carnation mass murder relives horrific scene in 911 call

SEATTLE -- The Carnation woman charged with killing six of her family members, including two small children, cried in court on Tuesday.

Prosecutors say Michele Anderson and her then-boyfriend Joseph McEnroe killed six members of Michele's family over money.

McEnroe was convicted last year. Now a jury will have to decide Anderson's fate.

Linda Thiele discovered the mass murder more than eight years ago; she relived the shock all over again Tuesday.

“I knew that there was something wrong,” Thiele said.

Thiele went looking for her best friend, Judy Anderson, at her Carnation home when Judy didn`t show up to work at the post office.

As she entered the home in Carnation, “I could see the feet of a man,” Thiele said.

The feet were those of Scott Anderson, Judy Anderson's son, shot dead in the living room. Scott`s wife, Erica, and their two small children were also dead nearby.

The prosecution played Thiele’s 911 call for jurors on the second day of Michele Anderson’s trial.

“Oh God, I’m in the other room, there`s a baby and a man and a woman,” Thiele said.

When Thiele first called 911, she didn`t know that Judy and her husband, Wayne Anderson, were murdered first and their bodies were hidden in the backyard shed.

“The gate is locked, which makes me wonder if her daughter did it, which is scary, cause then I might be up here with a murderer. I know the one daughter has been slightly unstable,” Thiele said.

Thiele added that Judy and Michele had been arguing over Michele paying rent to live in a mobile home on her parent’s property.

Detectives say Michele also claimed her brother Scott owed her money.

Prosecutors say Michele masterminded the murders and convinced McEnroe to help.

Michele killed the kids, police said, because they witnessed the crime.

“I couldn`t get a hold of Erica; I’ve been trying to call her for a day and half,” Erica’s mother, Pam Mantle, said.

On the stand, Mantle shared memories of her last conversations with her daughter on Christmas Eve 2007. She also identified Erica’s 911 call, where she is heard screaming in the background.

Prosecutor Scott O’Toole asked Mantle what Erica said in that 911 call before it got disconnected.

“Not the kids, no,” Mantle said.

Jurors will resume hearing the case Wednesday. The prosecution plans to call several first responders to the stand.