Woman to hand out 'obese letters' to overweight children on Halloween

By Amy Hubbard
Los Angeles Times
In case you missed it, a Fargo, N.D., woman called a local radio station Tuesday and said she was going to hand out letters to overweight children on Halloween instead of candy.

In the letter -- which was sent to station Y-94 -- the anonymous woman tells parents that the child is "moderately obese" and shouldn't be out gathering free candy "to the extent of some children."

Fargo news outlet Valley Live News quotes a professor of clinical psychology in saying the letter could topple some kids over the edge and straight into an eating disorder:  If the child is "vulnerable, it might trigger major problems."

Perhaps it's a Halloween trick.

There are few ways to make yourself less popular in a neighborhood than by telling people they have fat children.  The fireworks predictably were going off on social media.  The general consensus was that at the very least the author of the letter should be severely TP'd.