Woman says late father's bible stolen from her car

EVERETT, Wash. -- It’s the oldest story in the book: Lamiah Blackmore says someone broke into her car Thursday night.

“They might have swiveled through and got through and pulled the lock up because its one that you can just pull open. It’s an old car,” says Lamiah.

She says what they stole… is the oldest book in the world.

“Losing that bible feels like losing him,” says Lamiah.

She tells Q13 News it happened in a parking lot along Everett Mall Highway. Underneath her driver's seat, she kept her father’s bible stashed inside a purse along with his photos and handwritten notes. All that’s left is a screenshot. Her dad, Burt, died two weeks ago from cancer.

“It was rectal cancer. It went from his rectum, to his liver, to his kidneys, to his lungs, to his brain. We were not ready to lose my dad and it sucked,” says Lamiah.

Police have told us for years, never leave anything behind in your car. But Lamiah says she just wanted to be close to her dad. She reads his words and studies his handwriting every day on her break from work.

“I would sit out here with the bible and look through and see if he underlined anything,” says Lamiah.

She thinks whoever stole her dad’s bible probably needed the message more.

“And I hope the Lord touches them to the point where they realize it was not something they should have done,” says Lamiah.

Now, a new message sits her windshield.

“There’s nothing left to steal. I hate how people just don’t even think and they just do what they want to do. It sucks, especially this area, Seattle and Everett, it happens constantly,” says Lamiah.

Her friends are helping her spread the word on social media.

“Maybe a miracle will happen and my bible will appear,” says Lamiah.

Until then, she’s reflecting on her dad’s words.

Lamiah says her father’s memorial service is this Saturday and her family is hoping the bible, cards and pictures are returned by then. She says she plans to file a formal report with Everett Police on Tuesday.