Woman says grinning stranger pepper-sprayed her in Seattle Target store

SEATTLE  --  A local woman says a stranger attacked her with pepper-spray while shopping Monday afternoon at the Target store in downtown Seattle.

She's speaking out to warn others.  She says this type of crime could happen to anyone.

Police say a woman -- caught -on security cameras -- randomly sprayed the victim directly in the eyes with pepper spray.

"She says, 'Hey,' and I look up and she just sprayed me," the victim says. "It was in my eyes and it was all over my face and my whole face was just on fire.

"That grin on her face just really, really upset me; she was just smiling and she just walked off," the victim said.

She screamed for help and Target employees ran to her aid and called 911.

During the interview with police, the victim says she spotted her attacker still lingering outside the Target.  After questioning the suspect, police arrested her.

After the terrifying, random attack, the victim says she's afraid to go back, to shop and work downtown. And she warning others to keep their guards up.

"It does traumatize you. You don't feel safe. Seattle was my home. now I just don't feel comfortable going there. You literally have to watch your back every second, every single second," says the victim.