Woman recounts devastating landslide that destroyed her home

BURIEN, Wash.  -- The hillside near Standring Lane in Burien  gave way early Wednesday, sending tons of mud and debris crashing into two homes. However, this is not the first slide on the hill.

Barbara Bull lives just up the hill from this recent slide. She says 10 years ago, a wall of mud crashed into her living room, almost trapping her inside her own home.

"I think I was just in the kitchen and I heard this loud roar like it was a bomb," Bull said.

She managed to make her way into her basement and crawl outside to safety. On Wednesday, she saw the devastating pictures of the new slide and knows just how those people impacted must feel.

"I feel very sorry for those people,"  Bull said. "When we get heavy rains in Seattle that’s what happens."

Burien city leaders say specialists have examined the site and determined that evacuation orders for the two damaged homes and three others nearby will remain in place. Officials say the site is still unstable but other homes do not appear to be threatened.