Woman hit by tree branch in Bothell in critical condition

BOTHELL, Wash. - - With wind speeds between 50 and 60 miles per hour in some areas, power lines and tree branches in Bothell just couldn’t withstand Friday night’s storm.

“This tree has a history of losing branches so I came out to check it and I noticed a branch across my truck. So I figured I’d pick it up tomorrow,” said Mike Wicklund, who lives in Bothell.

But Wicklund says as he was headed into his house, he noticed a lamp on the ground and saw his 64-year old neighbor Pam unconscious on the ground. That's when he and his wife jumped into action.

"She wasn’t really breathing right. So it’s lucky I guess that we got out here when we did,” said Melva Wicklund.

The Wicklunds say that about 7 o’clock Friday night she was in this area collecting wood when this large branch fell off the tree hitting her in the face.

“A lot of blood on her face. I didn’t recognize her face and I’ve known her for 12 years,” Mike said.

Wicklund says he ran to get his wife, who called 9-1-1 and did what she could to help her.

“I couldn’t give her mouth to mouth because she was bleeding. She said do the compressions this amount of time. So I did and they sent the aide cars out,” Melva said.

Harborview says Pam is in critical condition and the Wicklunds say her family is headed to town to help take care of her. In the meantime, they’ll have Pam in their thoughts.

“I hope she gets well,” Melva said.

There was another scary incident in Bothell during last night’s storm. Six people were trapped in a van after a tree and power lines fell on their vehicle. This happened at Meridian and 240th Street. Thankfully no one was injured.