Woman attacked in broad daylight while jogging through Seattle park

SEATTLE -- Police are investigating an attack on a woman at Interlaken Park in broad daylight.

According to a police report, the woman was jogging eastbound through the park when an unidentified man attacked her. The suspect grabbed her in a choke-hold from behind, they struggled and fell to the ground before rolling down an embankment.

The woman said she lost consciousness for a few seconds, then woke up and the suspect was gone. According to police, she climbed up the embankment and saw a man walking away. She believed that was the person who attacked her.

The victim saw a second person staring at her but did not know if he was involved in the attack.

The woman then ran down the street yelling for help until someone helped her and called 9-1-1.

Officers came to the scene and helped the victim who had no serious physical injuries.

The victim told police she did not know the attacker's motive because she did not have any valuables with her and she did not believe it was sexually motivated.