Witness ‘chefs in the wild’ at award winning inn on Lummi Island

LUMMI ISLAND, Wash. -- While Lummi Island is only an 8-minute ferry ride from the shores of Bellingham, it feels like a world away.

Escape to The Willows Inn lodge for a 20-course dinner, or enjoy a weekend getaway in one of the several on-site suites.

The international award-winning establishment welcomes guests to enjoy a unique farm-to-table experience for breakfast, lunch and especially dinner. Chefs can be seen on the rooftop cutting fresh bay leaves, and local fishermen catch the restaurants’ seafood daily. A huge smoker greets guests as they arrive, and the wood-fire smell can be described as quintessential Pacific Northwest.

The Willows Inn has eight on-site suites and can accommodate bigger groups with some off-site rooms, too. Lummi Island is home to some full time residents, others own summer homes there, but you won’t find a single gas station. Visitors are encouraged to fill their tanks before hopping on the Whatcom County ferry.

Open from mid-March through December, The Willows Inn welcomes guests from around the world to their little piece of the Great Northwest.