Vaccination events in several counties change plans ahead of winter weather in Puget Sound

The anticipated rounds of winter weather are impacting vaccination plans across the Puget Sound.

In Pierce County, two vaccination events at the Tacoma Dome that were planned for Thursday and Friday were moved up to Wednesday and Thursday morning before the storm’s arrival.

"We decided for safety sake, both the participants and the staff and volunteers that are here, we’d move these events up," said Mike Halliday, Public Information Specialist for Pierce County Emergency Management.

The two original events were planned to vaccinate about 4,000 people. With the change of plans, that number will look more like 2,000 after Thursday morning’s event.

"I think getting any vaccine out to anybody else who qualifies with phase finder right now is a great thing," said Halliday.

Connie Hoffman of Puyallup signed her dad up for an appointment for Wednesday evening’s event.

"So you get on there and you register real quick, and it was for [Wednesday] which surprised me because it usually takes a couple days," said Hoffman. "I guess I hear because of the snow coming they wanted to get this out of the way."

Halliday said future vaccination events in Pierce County will depend on the weather patterns.

A spokesperson with Swedish said the vaccination event at SeattleU will be delayed on Friday and Saturday by a few hours.

Seattle-King County Public Health will move appointments from the vaccination site in Auburn to the indoor location in Kent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday due to severe weather.

Meanwhile, Snohomish Health District said mass vaccination sites in Snohomish County will stay open, but that could change based on what mother nature brings these next few days.