Winter storm slams Washington mountain passes

STEVENS PASS, Wash. – Snow is expected to continue pounding the Cascades as a winter storm warning lasts through at least Friday.

At the summit of Stevens Pass, Thursday’s storm took a break in the middle of the afternoon but picked up later in the day.

Plow crews from WSDOT could be seen making pass after pass at the summit and beyond clearing snow, slush and ice from the pavement.

The National Weather Service forecast anywhere from 12 to 18-inches of snow to fall in the immediate future.

While some families traveled up to Stevens Pass Ski Resort, all they could do is play in the snow and sled as the slopes have yet to open.

This week’s storm could help add to a base that eventually would allow the resort to open to skiers.

“This is such a change as to where we were last week, it was thin,” said general manager Tom Pettigrew. “I’m excited.”

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    Travelers who continue into Central Washington are being warned the wintery weather doesn’t end at the mountain passes and are urged to drive with caution.

    The snowy storm is a good reminder for drivers to double-check their emergency kit have food, water and blankets just in case.