Winter storm hammers northern Puget Sound

LYNDEN, Wash. – Ice, wind and drifting snow continue to swarm many parts of northern Whatcom County.

Temperatures in the area have struggled to get above freezing for days.

“It’s not usually, it’s not this gnarly,” said neighbor Adam Hodgins.

Hodgins has been keeping busy shoveling his walkway.

“Probably twice a day every day for the last 5 days,” he said.

Snow drifts in downtown Lynden were several feet high and the whipping winds carved their own path through piles of snow around town.

Some locals said they are ready for a thaw.

“We had a pretty good cold spell earlier on this year but as far as the snowfall and wind it’s been a while,” said Hodgins.

“It’s good,” said neighbor Andrea Hofing, “It’s kind of beautiful.”

Hofing said she is a school teacher but she hasn’t been to work in days. The winter weather has kept her school closed since Friday.

“We shoveled our driveway six times and we’re probably going to have to do it again this afternoon,” she said.

It’s hard not to find anything not covered in ice in Lynden. Sunday night’s storm pummeled the central Puget Sound early but snow kept falling late into the evening in the northern counties.

Washington State Department of Transportation snowplows continued their work across Whatcom County, clearing away blown snow on state highways.

Big rigs swirled up lots snow on the roads, making visibility a problem. Strong winds also knocked out power to hundreds of customers.

Many in Whatcom County told Q13 News they are looking forward warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast.

“It’s been nuts,” said Hofing. “It’s fun for a little while and then we’re, OK, you can go away now.”