Winds starting to pick up in Portland, Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Winds are beginning to pick up in Portland, Oregon as a massive weather system makes it's way up the coast. The strongest part of the windstorm is expected to arrive in the greater Seattle area between 4 to 6 p.m. today.

Q13 Meteorologist Tim Joyce says the damage reports we received from Portland is a good indicator of what we may see.

The National Weather Service in Portland stated that they see 52 mph wind gusts in the metro. With much stronger gusts near the coast and in the mountains. A wind sensor atop Cape Meares has reported a gust at 85 mph, NWS says.

KPTV reports that more than 15-thousands homes and businesses have lost power in the state.

On Friday, two waterspouts came ashore morning damaging the beach towns of Oceanside and Manzanita, Oregon.

No one was hurt, but several businesses and homes destroyed in Manzanita. Mayor Garry Bullard has declared a state of emergency.

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