Winds knock trees onto elementary school, take out power to businesses on Eastside

REDMOND, Wash. – Winds knocked out power around 2:30 p.m. on at least a 4-mile stretch of Avondale Road from Redmond to Woodinville.  Traffic lights went out, causing a backup on the road, and businesses had to close up shop. Bear Creek Elementary nearby had four trees fall on its building.

Northshore School District shared pictures of trees that fell on the Bear Creek Elementary's gym, music building, and main office. They did not penetrate the building. Witnesses said when the trees fell, they could feel the building shake.

Alex Noel, a second grader at the school, said students in her class even began to cry. School leaders said no one was hurt and school dismissed on schedule.

Lines of cars were forming at Jacksons Shell on Avondale Road nearby the school, where rows of businesses lost power. Store managers had to turn away drivers because the pumps were not working.

One mom  ran out of gas after sitting through heavy traffic, only to find out she couldn’t get gas.

Avondale Food Center lost power but tried to keep doors open as long as they could, only accepting cash. However, storeowners eventually had to close when they no longer had any daylight.