Wind chill forecast for below 0 degrees in North Sound

LYNDEN, Wash. – High winds are pushing the temperatures to dangerous levels in the North Sound.

The winds are not expected to be as strong as they were Sunday, but they are expected to gust above 30 miles per hour Monday night. It’s dangerous and can cause frostbite with prolonged exposure.

The snow that fell Sunday has been pushed by blustery winds coming from Canada. It has Lynden looking like a chilly snowscape.

Temperatures in parts of the county barely broke 20 degrees. One sign in downtown Lynden showed a bone-chilling 16 degrees. The winds feel like they’re pushing against your vehicle when driving through the county.

“We started planning for this on Friday,” said Gina Miller from Whatcom County.

County road crews are used to working in the challenging temperatures but besides plowing, there’s not much they can do to keep the roads clear when the winds keep blowing.

“Right now, because it’s so cold the salt isn’t very effective, but it’s not melting and it doesn’t stick, we put salt and sand down for traction,” said Miller.

The county says road crews have been working since Sunday night clearing roads and deploying material and will continue through the week.

Severe weather shelters have been planned across the county to help those who don't have a safe place to stay out of the cold.