Wind and snow causes power outages to nearly 30k PSE customers

Snow and big wind gusts caused power outages to about 28,000 Puget Sound Energy customers throughout the region; crews worked throughout the day Saturday to get power back to as many folks as possible.

Officials with PSE say North and South King County, and Thurston County got hit the hardest by power outages, due to the winter storm which impacted the region Friday night into Saturday.

In the City of Enumclaw, hundreds of folks lost power early in the morning.

"With the winds, you kind of have got to get used to the power going out. So, we had the phones charging, downloading some Netflix, was ready for the power to go out. Went to bed and everything was fine, but then at 2am," said Tristan Fry.

With the freezing temperatures, losing power can be concerning Fry said.

"It dropped down to 59, 58 {degrees} in the house today. So, grabbed the cats, got on the couch and just bundled up until the power came by on," said Fry.

Fry’s household got power back in the afternoon, however some folks throughout the region were still without power.

One home on 252nd Avenue South East (right off of Enumclaw Buckley Road) was without power late into the night. A tree on the property snapped during the storm and knocked a powerline onto the road.

In total Saturday night, about five thousand people were still without power, PSE reported.

Officials with PSE say they prioritize outages by the number of customers impacted, and are working through the night to get power back to customers as quickly as they can.

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