Will Smith surprises audience with 'Summertime' during commercial break on 'Colbert'

Will Smith is smack dab in the middle of the promo tour for "Suicide Squad." Just last week, Smith made quite an entrance on "The Tonight Show" and on Tuesday, he surprised audiences again.

This time around -- instead of riding in on horseback -- Smith took everyone back to the glory days of 1991 and busted out a verse of the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince classic, "Summertime."

After cutting to a commercial break, the cameras kept rolling as Jean Baptiste and Stay Human began playing an instrumental version of the track. Not skipping a beat, Smith jumped from his seat and ran over to grab the mic.

"Here it is, a groove slightly transformed ..." As soon as the audience heard those lyrics, the room was on their feet. Clapping and singing along, Smith once again gave the perfect example of how best to keep a crowd happy.