Will new I-405 express lane plan be a cheater's delight? Some think so (VIDEO)

SEATTLE -- The president of the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association says the I-405 express lane plan is "doomed from the start."

In a letter, union president Jeff Merrill said it will be easy for drivers to cheat the system. "If you want to expedite your morning commute on I-405, tint your windows, set your flex pass to HOV and you will truly be 'Good to Go,'" he wrote.

But the Washington State Department of Transportation says it's not that simple.

Beginning Sept. 27, the new express toll lanes on I-405 will begin. Tolls will range from 75 cents to $10.

For more, watch this video report on the plan -- and why it's generating criticism -- by Q13 FOX News reporter Tom Yazwinski: