Widow of man shot and killed in Federal Way shares video message

FEDERAL WAY -- It's been ten days since the killing started in Federal Way.  Three people shot dead, and the gunman or gunmen - still on the loose.

At Tuesday night's city council meeting, police reassured frightened residents about their intense focus on solving these crimes.

As police search for the cold-blooded killer or killers, for the first time we're hearing from the wife of one of the men who was murdered.

Adam Gutierrez was out for a run with his dog when he was shot.  His wife, Marianne, is sharing a message so powerful and so painful, it's beyond words.

The sign language interpreter uses her hands to share what's weighing on her heart.

Her husband, Navy veteran and UW engineering student, Adam Gutierrez, died May 10th. He was shot and killed while on a late night walk in Federal Way with their dog, Luna.

In the video, she mouths the words and while we can't hear her voice, we can see her pain.

She urges people to share information with police, even if you don’t think it matters.  And reminds us not to forget the love that was taken from their family; the life that was taken from this community.

Neighbors have raised $16,000 in reward money to find the killers.