WHOA! Who put down these highway lane stripes?

(CNN) -- Read between the lines -- but be careful if those lines are on a Virginia highway.

Temporary striping tape installed on Interstate 66 peeled off on Monday, creating spaghetti-shaped dividers that caused lengthy delays for those on their morning commute, according to CNN affiliate WUSA.

At some points trucks were bigger than the lanes themselves.

The Virginia Department of Transportation said in a press release that it is fixing the lanes and apologized to drivers for the confusion.

The markings were installed on August 15.

A local reporter said there was a "nasty" accident near the lanes, though it's not clear if the confusion caused by the lanes played a factor.

Two lanes and a shoulder will be closed overnight Monday to fix the issue. No word on whether they'll "think outside the box" to make sure this doesn't happen again.