While newborn naps, mom costumes her for Halloween

Generally when a newborn finally falls asleep for a nap the parents try to get some rest, too.

But not New York mom Diana Arand, who has used each nap time during the month of October to dress up her baby in different Halloween costumes.

"I just wanted to give family and friends something to possibly make them smile or even chuckle every day in October," said Arand.

Professionally Arand is a glass artist, but with the pandemic and a new baby her work has taken a backseat.  Her creative side, however, was hungry for exercise.

"I love a good creative challenge and so I gave myself parameters with my project - aim to spend 1 hour a day on it, and less than $10, but as close to $0 as possible," said Arand.

Photos of baby Jordan in her costumes are now filling Arand's Instagram feed, where you can see Mario, Where's Waldo, Princess Diana, Michelle Obama, Prince and many more.

Jordan was born prematurely, so the first few weeks of parenting were even more stressful.  Now the baby is home from the hospital, healthy, well and sleeping like a rock.

Arand credits her own childhood with her urge to take on this challenge. 

"Growing up my mom made my costumes, she’s incredibly talented at sewing and very creative, too," said Arnd.  "So the world was my oyster, she created whatever I was in to, whether it was a dinosaur or the tooth fairy. As I grew up I would help and eventually I started making my own and she’s help me. And now here we are!"