Whatcom County search for missing swimmer continues

Divers continued the search for a swimmer who went missing at the south end of Lake Whatcom on Sunday.

The person jumped in the water from a boat just before 7 p.m. that evening.

The Bellingham Police Department also brought in a drone to assist in the search for the swimmer. 

"It’s still an active search right now," said Lt. Scott Huso from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office. "We do have several boats out on the water. We have a dog team on the water, as well as a dive team."

Huso said a small group was boating Sunday, when a man in his 30s decided to jump off the boat and take a swim. 

"[He] intentionally went into the water to take a swim and cool off, [and he] may have experienced some type of trouble. So, they tried to throw him a line, and it was too short," said Huso. "They were trying to position the boat to turn around to go back to him, and he disappeared during that short period of time."

The man was last seen about 150 to 200 feet from shore. 

"We don’t know, at this point, if this was a medical issue, what the full circumstances were at this point," said Huso.

The water depth of more than 300 feet in some locations in Lake Whatcom has made the search challenging for crews. 

"Our main concentration is in this area where he was last seen," said Huso. "If you get further offshore, the depths are creating some problems."

It's still unclear what may have caused the swimmer to go under, but Lt. Huso has some general safety tips to follow while boating or swimming.

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"Make sure that you wear your life jackets, that if somebody does go into the water especially, this fellow was not skiing but if somebody is skiing and somebody goes down, make sure you keep an eye on the person that’s in the water," said Huso. 

He also recommends staying hydrated and wearing something to alert people to your location if you get in trouble.

"Don’t go out alone, always try to have someone with you if at all possible. Another great piece of equipment to have with you is a whistle or a sound producing device, as well," said Huso.